On Air Timetable

TribeFM 91.1 Timetable

6-9am: Friday Fumble 
9am to 11am: Trev on Tribe
11am to Midday: Trev’s Garden
Midday – 2pm: Raven Nation with Merrin
2-3pm: My Strange Addiction with Emma 
3-5pm: Meri’s Poetry Show with Julies Countdown
5-6pm: Music Mayhem with Simon and Craig
6-7.30pm: Siren to Siren Sports Show
7:30-10.30pm: Music from the Vault
10:30pm-12.30pm Nitelite – Guest DJ Set
midnight-5am: Music from the VAULT
5am-6am: Replay – Music Mayhem with Simon and Craig
6am-7.30am: Replay – Siren to Siren Sports Show
8-9am: Weekend WakeUp with Taras & Martijn
9am-12pm: Heartbeat with Anne and Sam
12–2pm: ctrl+alt+del with Monica
2-4pm: Lawnmower Music with Charlie 
4pm-6pm: The Kaos Show
6pm-9pm: Vapour Trail
8pm-midnight Music from the VAULT


midnight-2am: Music from the VAULT
2am-4am: Replay – The Kaos Show
4am-8am: Music from the VAULT

 8am-9am: Dingy Zone Replay

9am-10am: Waldorf Salad Replay
10am-11am: Music with Mitch

11am-1pm: The Backbeat with DJ Sepia

1pm-4pm: Southern Rock with Ian
4pm-6pm: Indigo Show
6pm-8pm: The Oz Effect
9pm-10pm: Bleak Frequencies
11pm –1am: Replay – Raven Nation with Merrin
2am-4am: Replay – The Kaos Show
4am-9am: Music from the VAULT
9am-Midday: The 3E Show with Bob and Merrin
Midday-2pm: Mrs Calabash’s Sewing Circle
2pm-4pm: Monday Bubble with Ros
4pm-6pm: The Retro Show with Tony Becker
9pm-midnight: Replay – Vapour Trail
MONDAY streaming
6pm-8pm: Music from the VAULT
8pm-9pm: – Replay – Bleak Frequencies with Ben
TUESDAY streaming
2am-4am: Replay – The Retro Show

Midday–1:30pm: Replay – ctrl+alt+del with Monica

6pm-8pm: Replay – The Oz Effect with Wisey
WEDNESDAY streaming 
12:30noon- 1:30pm: Aldinga Primary School Show – “Dinggy Zone” (every 2 weeks)
9:30pm-11:30pm: Replay – Southern Rock with Ian
THURSDAY streaming
10–Midday: Replay – The Indigo Show with Vivian
Midday–2pm: Replay – ctrl+alt+del with Monica

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