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The Laser Garden Start Date and Time was:
19/10/2018 12:00 PM

The Laser Garden Session 12.01

The Teletubby Prophecy

In this week’s episode of The Laser Garden we talk to Electronics Engineer and fierce environmentalist, Corin Holloway about how our attitude towards keeping pets may have to change drastically in the now undeniable climate shift. We discuss some old friends like dogs but also look at some other, up until now unconsidered possibilities, including gengineered pets and imaginary friends…

Music for The Laser Garden in order of appearance:

We feature the following songs from the following Australian Artists:

Cabinet Fever – Dubmarine,
An Ache – Felicity Groom,
Wasted Time – Cloves,
Phone Baje Na – The Bombay Royale,
Seven Sounds – Happy Axe,
Someone Else – Yahtzel,
Lavendar Lullabies – Darts Of Pleasure,
Smoke Signals – Olympia.

The theme music was In Cold Pursuit by Dennis and the Spaceships


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