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Tribe FM presents its On Demand Service.

Each program that is allocated to the On Demand Service is has been broadcast and is available for approximately 7 days after broadcast on our frequency 91.1 MHz.

The Laser Garden Series: As well as Speculative Science, Subculture and Supernature, The Laser Garden also showcases Australian Electronica, Space Rock and Shoegaze.

There’s a ton of Electronica over the coming episodes from Melbourne; Australia’s Berlin when it comes to music.

Thanks to Jamal for his rapid-fire logistics and connections, thanks to Astrid and Jesse for their cerebral double-act and of course, Phil for breaking the rules of social anthropology and psychiatry.

The following programs are currently available:


Heartbeat Interview

Caspers Bird Rescue

Anne and Sam interview Bud Duncan about the not-for-profit organisation based in Adelaide, South Australia, dedicated to protecting the welfare of all birds. They provide short & long term care for wild birds, as well as lost & unwanted pets.



The Laser Garden Session 8

Bread, Circuses and Rollerskates

In this episode of The Laser Garden – “Bread, Circuses and Rollerskates”
This week, Phil and Rusty take a look at Rollerball and possible variations as well as future sports in general. Mind expansion comes as standard.



Tribe Live

Saturday August 18th 2018



If you have a program that you would like to see on this service email us at tribefm@tribefm.org.au


Tribe FM would also like to thank the Community Broadcasting Foundation for their support to make this on-demand service possible. cbf.com.au