Program Application


The following FM timeslots are OPEN for any TribeFM member to apply for consideration.

  • FRIDAY 7:30pm onwards (Evening)
  • SATURDAY 6am-8am (Breakfast)
  • SATURDAY 9:30pm-onwards (Night)
  • SUNDAY 6am-9am (Breakfast)
  • SUNDAY 10pm-onwards (Night)


Part or shared timeslot applications will also be considered.

To make the programming department task easier in putting programs into the correct timeslot we ask that you the presenter review the documents at the links below.

Firstly you need to be a member of Tribe FM.

Tribe FM Membership Application

Tribe FM Membership Renewal

Each Presenter is asked to read, sign, and follow the detail of the Presenters agreement.

Tribe FM Inc Presenters Agreement v2-1

Also the Studio Changeover Procedure needs to be clearly understood link below:

Tribe FM Inc Procedure – Presenter Changeover v1-1

Program Applications can be made on the following form with the other forms below as attachments to give support to your program application.

Program Updates

Timeslot shifts of exiting programs can be applied for directly by emailing


New Programs – use the form below.

Tribe FM Program Application v3-2 pdf  docx

Starting July 2018 each program that is broadcast by Tribe FM can apply to be put on Tribe FM’s On-demand Service.

Due to the on-demand licensing requirements a separate request form is required.

Tribe FM Inc Program ON-Demand Agreement v2-0 draft

PPCA Comms Report v1-0  This is done by the Station rather than the Presenter. (for background info only)


Supporting Documents

Example Radio Program Plan

Other information documents – a typical broadcast hour

Sample Broadcast Clock

How Programs are assessed – the following document is to provide the important details in program assessment. It is an open process with a right of appeal.

Tribe FM Inc Program Assessment v1-1


The awarding of timeslots is generally on recommendation to the Board for a nominal trial period before becoming permanent.

If you need any more information please contact


Membership Reference Documents

Tribe FM Constitution Accepted SGM 20181013 registered


Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice 2008 -GT

Current track