Your Tribe FM Programming

YOUR Tribe FM welcomes all program proposals from its members.

Allocation of time-slots is performed by the programming committee which has been delegated by the Tribe FM Board.

For guidance about Tribe FM’s process of assessing program applications contact

What sort of programs does Tribe FM have?

This section from a news article about Tribe FM might help:

“We are often asked what type or genre of music does Tribe FM want its presenters to play. The answer is we as a community station want each presenter to play the music that matters to them so that the listeners can hear the joy and the passion of their views of what music matters to them shine through. Mixed with announcements of local notices of events and local news and weather the listeners get to hear and interact with a station that truly reflects the community they all live in.”

“Your Tribe” FM is a true “reflection of the community” it serves.


If you are a Tribe FM member you can submit a new program application on the form below.

Tribe FM Inc Program Application v3-0

If you have not signed a presenters agreement within the last 12 months please also forward a signed presenters agreement which is available at the link below.

Tribe FM Inc Presenters Agreement v2-1

All presenters agreements and program applications should be emailed to

We look forward to hearing from you.


We are an open community radio station, this means that all members have a say and if you need to discuss your program proposal after the programming committee has assessed it, the board is available to hear your response or appeal.






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