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The Bubble is designed to surround you in sounds of goodwill and positivity.

Any musical genre goes in "The Bubble" as long as it’s a great sound or lyrics that uplifts.

Often I have an interview or two about social, cultural or environmental stories.

My passion for our living earth and living lightly and harmoniously upon Her will see me broadcasting stories that inspire.

A 3-4 track segment in the first quarter of the show is called "Monies Melodies" as these tracks are chosen by my 96 year old mum who loves to listen to TribeFM and share her lifelong passion for music with you.

Nostalgic tunes from 1930's '40 '50, by male voices like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra; British war songs by female greats like Gracie Field and Vera Lynn; & Irish Ballads, as well as country tunes by American or Australian singers, and also Australian Icons like Archie Roach are included in "Monies Melodies".

Any interviews conducted by Ros will be found on the rosearth Soundcloud page.

I play a wide variety of musical genres; reggae, world music, alternative country, folk, rock, pop, hip-hop, soul, R&B, brass bands... as long as its uplifting in lyrics or beats.

I hope you can tune in for all or part of The Bubble on TribeFM91.1.

You never know what 'Bubble' you might find yourself in!!

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